Helping You Feel More Connected as a Couple

Along with delivering high-quality CBT therapy in Swindon for individuals experiencing a range of issues, I also offer friendly, non-judgemental couples therapy in Swindon or online. I give you a private space where you can engage with the destructive patterns of your relationship, pinpointing their root causes ahead of developing a set of skills that enable you to make powerful, long-lasting changes. I can work with both couples and individuals either online or as face-to-face counselling in Swindon, depending on your needs.

If you have any questions about couples therapy in Swindon, feel free to give me a call and I’ll be happy to talk things through with you. Along with those in the Swindon town area, I also work with individuals and couples from areas such as Royal Wootton Basset, Highworth, Crickdale, and Faringdon.

Deborah Seal couple counselling in Swindon

How Do I Know If I Need Couples Therapy in Swindon?

You might be thinking that couples therapy is only suitable for people whose relationships are ‘on the rocks’, as they like to say. But this is simply not true. My service is available for people who are:

In a good relationship and want to make it even better

Going through a difficult time due to life transitions and need to talk the specific problem through

Constantly arguing and want to resolve long-standing conflicts

Parents who want to create the best possible environment for their children

Single and want to understand your past relationships/how to connect better with others

Determined to develop more positive relationship patterns more broadly

Areas of Focus


As someone who has practiced CBT therapy and couples therapy in Swindon for decades, I know that communication is the most important part of any relationship. It is the main reason for why most relationships end up breaking down. If you cannot clearly and consistently say how you are feeling to your significant other, little issues develop and, over time, snowball into something bigger, creating a feeling of distance between the two of you. Our work will involve using CBT techniques and other relevant methods for analysing your patterns of communication, looking at how these patterns formed, what effect they have on your dynamic, and eventually work towards laying a new platform for improved relations in the future.

Sex Therapy

I know that talking about sexual problems is difficult. You might feel embarrassed, but remember that my face-to-face counselling in Swindon or online is a strictly safe space. This is your time to actively deal with painful topics and feel closer as a couple. Issues in the bedroom are usually caused by underlying feelings or emotions, rather than a specific physical cause, so our focus will be on recognising the interaction between mind and body and the thoughts you have around sex with your partner. I offer personalised help for a number of issues, such as problems with arousal, painful intercourse, orgasmic difficulties, body image, and much more.


Parenting is challenging, and often causes problems in a relationship. Such a monumental upheaval in your lives will naturally mean the dynamic somewhat changes, leading to new problems emerging. You might be falling out over differing parenting styles, for example; the two of you may always disagree on how to deal with challenging moments. Perhaps you are struggling with your child adjusting to adolescence, or maybe your child has left home and now you feel unsure about what the future holds for the both of you. We will explore these differences in a compassionate, curious way, giving both sides the chance to express their feelings and reach a place of deeper understanding.


If a partner has been unfaithful, it will inevitably cause a real sense of distance to emerge between the two of you. Many couples may simply decide to move on after an affair has taken place, and I can help you on this process. However, it not always that simple. You may want to find a way of moving past this unhappy episode, which is hard to do alone. My role as a professional couples therapist in Swindon will be to facilitate an exploration of why it happened in the first place and develop techniques for a healthier, more open dynamic going forward.

If you are interested in learning more about my journey towards becoming a CBT therapist in Swindon specialising in couples therapy, have a look at my About Me page.

Couples Counselling for Individuals

Couples therapy in Swindon or online doesn’t necessarily mean both members of the relationship have to be present. You don’t even need to be in a relationship at all. My Swindon practice offers people a safe space in which to explore a wide range of relationship issues. It can be extremely liberating to talk through your individual feelings within a relationship, or how you relate to others more generally. Perhaps you are struggling to find someone and want to explore why. Going through this solo examination gives you valuable insight into your needs, where certain difficult feelings come from, and how you can enjoy happier, more fulfilling relationships going forward.

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